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     When Sarah, Creatures of Yoga's founder, was first introduced to the world of yoga, it was simply to fulfill an extracurricular college credit, but its physical and mental benefits soon led to personal fulfillment, inspiring Sarah to pursue a career sharing her newfound passion with others. During the Hatha-based sessions, Sarah -  a certified teacher - teaches students a series of postures, each held for 1 to 2 minutes, to help muscles sink into deep stretches while the brain takes a break for commercial as she adjusts each student accordingly. Limited to around 15 pupils, the classes' small size ensures personalized attention, and the classroom setting makes learning fun so students are never afraid to ask questions as they push their bodies safely to the edge while executing proper form and technique of the poses. The classes may not be super zen, but you will always leave feeling accomplished..

Voted Best Yoga Studio in Houston (CitySearch.com)