-Comfy, stretchy, or loose clothing

-Yoga Mat (required)

-Yoga Block

-Yoga Strap


-Hand Towel

You will need these:

Fill this form out before you come to class:


Everything you need to know before you go into your first yoga class or if you haven't been practicing for a while.. Highly recommended class for beginners so you don't feel lost in your first class!..

Yogi: 101



-Sign up for class

-Be on time or inform the insrtuctor that you will be late

-Let instructor know of any injuries or limitations

-Wear clothing you can stretch in



-Eat 2-3 hours before class.

-Push yourself.. If you've never done it, don't expect to be a pro at it.

Do's and Dont's


These classes are designed to introduce new yogis to the basic poses that will be used in their daily practice. Think of it as Yogi 101..


These classes are designed to review basics while learning new poses that will help them dive deeper into their daily practice.


These classes are designed for the seasoned yogi who wants to push the limits of their asanas in order to take their daily practice to the edge and on to perfection.

-NEW STUDENTS: Attend the New Students Class FIRST..

-You must sign up to attend class... if no one is signed up the night before the morning classes or a few hours before the evening classes, the class will be cancelled.

-There are only 15 spots available.. Please cancel online if you are not able to attend so someone else can sign up.

- If you do not cancel, a $10 fee will be required at the start of your next class.

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